Tattoos I Know: Jeff's Lifelong Long Life

    Tattoosday is back after a November hiatus. If you want a further explanation, check out BillyBlog. Pickings have been slim, but I still hope to present a tattoo or two through the winter months. I have a few posts stored up to carry us through December......

    Today's tattoo is from a co-worker named Jeff.

    This piece is on his upper right arm. He got this at a tattoo shop in Rhode Island about a dozen years ago when he was 19. He'd always wanted one and designed this "under the influence of narcotics".

    He thought it had meant "life-long" but found out later that it meant "long life". I have neither the time nor the wherewithal to fully research kanji mysteries like this. Here's one example of a stock "long life" kanji:

    I don't see the similarities, but at least it doesn't mean "cow," like previous tattoos I have featured.

    Either way, thanks to Jeff for sharing his tattoo!

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Tattoos I Know: Jeff's Lifelong Long Life

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