A Grandmother's Vision, Inked in China

    Last winter, the cold weather drove me inside, into the nearby Manhattan Mall food court, when I had time at lunch to go inkspotting. The food court has since closed and the mall is undergoing a massive J.C.Pennification, rendering it near useless for people-watching. I bring this up in the
    waning days of summer, as last week I had some lunch time to spare and it was raining.

    So I plodded off into nearby Penn Station to see if any commuters were in the ink-sharing mood. Near the Amtrak portion of the subterranean hub, I spotted the tattoo above and approached its owner to see what it was all about.

    Eva, to whom this piece belongs, explained that it is a variation on the symbol for infinity. The arrows pointing off it represent directions moving off of the symbol.

    The design originated, according to Eva, in a vision that her grandmother had. Her grandmother was a fortune-teller and the significance of the symbol carried great weight in her family.

    Eva had this inked about two years ago, while visiting China. The tattoo was done by a local artist in Xinjiang Province.

    Thanks to Eva for sharing this cool tattoo with us here at Tattoosday!

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A Grandmother's Vision, Inked in China

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