Introducing Tattoosday

    On the second anniversary of my blog, BillyBlog, I have decided to launch a spin-off, called Tattoosday. I originally intended for the Tattoosday concept to be a once a week feature, with posts every Tuesday (or Tat-Tuesday, if you will).

    I have copied my six Tatttoosday posts from BillyBlog over to this site for continuity purposes. My reasons for doing this are hazy. Primarily, I thought it would be easier to explain to people with tattoos that I had a blog called Tattoosday that featured them, as opposed to a blog called BillyBlog that had a weekly feature called Tattoosday. Simpler explanation, I think, if the blog is devoted solely to tattoos.

    There's also less pressure, I think, to find people. Instead of needing them by a certain day, I'll post them as I find them. I can also post other tattoo-related items here, if I see fit.

    So even if you see posts dated prior to September 8, 2007, they are dated to correspond to the "Tattoosdays" when they appeared in July and August.

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Introducing Tattoosday

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