Love is a Mix Tape

    On a recent trek to Starbucks at 31st and 7th Avenue, I saw someone sitting at the table lining the window. I thought to myself, "Hmmm... She looks she would have tattoos....". This is just the way I think. However, there was no visible ink on this person.

    Standing in line, a minute or two later, I discovered I was right at first, wrong at second. The young lady, indeed, had a tattoo:

    After grabbing my venti sugar-free cinnamon dulce (with room) Americano, I headed over and introduced myself.

    The possessor of the skull tattoo was is Vanessa, a student at SUNY Purchase. The tattoo above was Vanessa's first, and originated from her being fond of cassette tapes, a characteristic her friends tease her about. She loves mix tapes. I asked if she had read Love is a Mix Tape: Life and Loss, One Song at a Time by Rob Sheffield, which is a love song to the mix tape. She had.
    Here's a little more detail:

    This piece was inked by Adam, owner of Adambomb Gallerie, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    Vanessa, however, said that the tattoo meant little to her compared to this one, on the inside of her left forearm:

    Seems pretty simple, yet Vanessa insisted that this basic tattoo had great meaning for her. It's the logo from Eyeball Records in New Jersey.

    Eyeball has a lot of indie bands, including a band with one of the coolest names I have heard in a while, The Number Twelve Looks Like You. Eyeball records, according to Vanessa, changed her life, which is why she paid tribute to it with the logo on her arm.

    Thanks to Vanessa for her contribution to Tattoosday!

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Love is a Mix Tape

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