Ride the Cyclone!

    In college we had a game room at the Student Union.

    I claimed to be a master at Arkanoid, but would occasionally play pinball. Earthshaker was fun, but there was another, carnival-themed game that would often beckon, "Ride the Cyclone!" It was, naturally, called The Cyclone.

    Fast forward ten years and I would be residing in Brooklyn, home to Coney Island and the original Cyclone.

    Despite having been in close proximity a number of times, I've never gone for a ride.

    I was reminded of this back in September when I met Matt at the top of the escalator at the Penn Plaza Borders store.

    He shared this amazing tattoo:

    This is, of course, the Cyclone.

    Matt is working on a Coney Island/"Carnie" theme, having lived in Brooklyn most of his adult life. Thus, the Astroland tower behind the Cyclone in the tattoo. Next up: the Wonder Wheel and the Parachute Jump, other Coney Island attractions.

    He sent along a photo of the tattoo when it was initially finished:

    Matt credits this tattoo to Ping at Village Rock Tattoo in Manhattan.

    Thanks to Matt for sharing this great tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!

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Ride the Cyclone!

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