The Return of Danielle's Ink

    I first ran into Danielle here, back in the Fall of '07.

    Her upper arm tattoo jumped out at me then, as it isn't often you see Hawaiian words in Broolyn, and it jumped out the other day, when I had just come off the subway.

    Last time I saw her, she had a burn on her right forearm, close to her other tattoo. So I took a rain check and cashed it 7 months later.

    What looks initially like a few squiggles is actually a more complex piece she designed herself.

    Danielle is the feminine form of the name Daniel. She appreciates the meaning of her name, in Hebrew, which is "God is my Judge." She elaborated on her name by transforming it in a stylized fusing of the Hebrew and Aramaic script. One familiar with either language can see, deep down, the daled, nun, yud, lamed.

    Very cool design.

    This piece, like the Hawaiian inscription, was inked at Funcity Tattoo in the East Village. The artist was Joe.

    Thanks again to Danielle for sharing her ink here on Tattoosday!

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The Return of Danielle's Ink

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