Pursuit Until Capture

    An unplanned trip to the Penn Station K-Mart yielded this awesome tattoo.

    Sometimes, even if you can't initially see the whole piece, you can recognize high quality work. This was one of those times.

    Chris, who works in independent film, more specifically the horror genre, wanted to pay homage to the film, John Carpenter's Halloween, that inspired him to follow the career path he chose.

    The phrase "Pursuit Until Capture" was not from the film, but is a motto that guides him through life. Although applicable to the horror genre (that seems to drive every villain - the relentless pursuit of the victim), it holds a larger meaning for a life philosophy. Translation: follow one's dreams until they are attained. Chris recalls first seeing the "Pursuit Until Capture" phrase in old Sailor Jerry flash art.

    This amazing piece was inked by Darren Rosa at Rising Dragon Tattoos in Chelsea. It really is superb work - click the photo to enlarge, and one can almost feel the texture of the pumpkin, the sharpness of the blade. Tattoos from Rising Dragon have previously appeared here.

    Darren also inked Chris' first tattoo, a back piece, in January 2006:

    Chris always imagined a tattoo with blue wings, and the phrase "Live Life Stronger then Death" exemplifies the ongoing struggle for good over evil.

    Certainly words to live by.

    Thanks to Chris for sharing his awesome tattoos with us here at Tattoosday!

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Pursuit Until Capture

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