Nancy's Dragon at the Fifth Avenue Festival

    Last Fall's 3rd Avenue Festival in Bay Ridge was a watershed moment for Tattoosday. I came out of the block like gangbusters, tallying up a half-dozen tattoos, enough to carry me through into the cooler days of October.

    With the Fifth Avenue Festival on Sunday, June 1, and nine months of tattoo-spotting under my belt, not to mention a sunny day in the 80s, I anticipated even greater success.

    Instead, I found myself being more selective. I ran into Tani from this post and stopped by Groove Tattoo and introduced myself to Marc Redbeard (who inked these pieces).

    By the end of the day, I only took pictures of two tattoos, and I was okay with that. I focused on quality, not quantity.

    The first person I spoke to, Nancy, let me photograph her left leg, above.

    This tattoo is about ten years old and was inked by the great late Huggy-Bear Ferris in his shop in Park Slope.

    Nancy said that this was not flash, but a custom piece. She went into Huggy-Bear's shop, told him what she wanted, and he drew it up.

    This piece is one of five of Nancy's tattoos.

    Thanks to Nancy for sharing her ink! , and thanks to the memory of Huggy-Bear Ferris, who meant so much to the New York tattoo community.

    UPDATE August 28, 2009. I have been informed that Mr. Ferris is still with us, despite several people telling me he had passed. I apologize to Mr. Ferris and wish him a long, happy life!

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Nancy's Dragon at the Fifth Avenue Festival

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