Dean's Wolverine Tattoo Shows Amazing Perspective

    I met Dean outside of Penn Station late one Friday afternoon.

    I was interested in talking to him about this leg tattoo:

    When I approached him, he challenged me, asking if I knew what it was. There's nothing more embarrassing than misidentifying someone's tattoo, so I gave it a careful look.

    "Wolverine?" I asked. In hindsight it seems clearer, but at the time I was worried about answering it incorrectly.

    I passed the test.

    Dean, possessor of seven tattoos, is a huge fan of the comic book superhero, and was even more so 15 years ago, when he had this done by his friend Shawn Adamczyk, who is co-owner of S&S Ink Spot in Columbus, Georgia.

    What's remarkable about the tattoo is the perspective, as Wolverine himself is further back, on the side of the leg and, as he reaches forward with his claws, the character seems nearer, as the hand and razor-like talons dominate the top part of the shin:

    The tattoo represents four sittings and approximately twenty hours of work.

    Thanks to Dean for sharing this cool tattoo with us here on Tattoosday!

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Dean's Wolverine Tattoo Shows Amazing Perspective

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